Check out “Lets Make Robots!”

If you haven’t already discovered this site and your into hobby robotics, go to right now and set up an account!

There’s a companion Facebook page too:

There is a lot of activity with cool robots and robot makers around the world.

– Ralph


2 thoughts on “Check out “Lets Make Robots!”

  1. I just wish your site had some content other than videos. They dont convey much in the way of construction detail yet you make comments on other sites to “check out how you did your power supply”? I could not easily find your bloody power supply !

  2. I wish I had the time to provide more documentation and more is forthcoming – when I have the time to do it.

    The parts list for the power supply is here: It even has links to the individual parts on the vendor’s sites. A drawing, albeit not technically a schematic, should be enough for anybody with a modicum of electronics know how is here: Hope this helps!

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