Video 4, R1 System Software Architecture

This article explains the organization of the R1 software and the platforms used.


2 thoughts on “Video 4, R1 System Software Architecture

  1. Ralph — I saw this article and thought of your project –

    Your R1 robot has multiple sensors and seems to be navigating the world effectively but this hack could give you a dead reckoning capability. Might be more effective in dead-end situations where the best way out is to simple repeat your path in reverse. Of course, if your using stepper motor or encoders, you effectively already have the capability.

    Any way, interesting way to put to use an old mouse. Just a thought.

  2. Thank you, Jeff. R1 does have encoders but, they’re cheapo and it’s hard to get a decent estimate of how much the heading is changing during turns. I’ve bookmarked the article & will consider using the mouse on R2. Later!

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